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We provide software development services and consultancy to all sized companies in Kent and London. Find Out More

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We offer a number of payment options that will allow us to create software systems suited to your business needs and budget. Find Out More


Quantum have created solutions for a number of industry sectors over the last two decades, from shipping to civil enforcement. Find Out More

Quantum is a Bromley based software development and consultancy company that provides tailored business software solutions to our clients. We have worked with a variety of businesses, from micro\small sized companies in Kent and South East London to large multinational businesses based in the City of London.

We have over two decades of experience in the custom software development field which gives us a deep sense of what does and does not work for different sized companies.

Below are some of the ways we have added value to our clients' businesses:

  • Scaling business processes and work flows to maximise profits.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating and automating manual based tasks (i.e. paper and Excel tasks)
  • Enable mobile work force to access backend systems so they can respond in real time to business needs.

We work hand in hand with you to craft a solution that is appropriate for your business. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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Technology Montage

Our experienced development team have many years of knowledge and expertise in the following technology areas:

Mobile phone and tablet Apps for all the major mobile devices including: Android, Windows and Apple Iphone and IPad development. We have developed web applications for mobile as well as native applications for our clients.

Web development Quantum has many years of development experience in building large and small web applications that have provided our clients high returns of investment and reduced support maintenance costs.

Application and database software development is one of our core competencies and we have a number of desktop and database systems deployed at our clients sites that have been central to their day-to-day operations.

Application Programming Interface (API) development is a great way of allowing your back-end office applications to interface with other third party companies. Quantum have built a number of these API solutions over the years with a strong focus on security and stability.

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Software Development

We can offer a number of ways to build solutions for your company:

  • Bespoke service
    • Exclusive technology rights You own the intellectual property (IP) rights to the system we have built for you.
    • Payment options Payments are split across agreed upon project milestones.
    • Advantages you own the IP of the bespoke solution, which means your business can gain a competitive advantage over your competition.
  • Cloud services
    • Joint Venture If you believe that your solution is marketable to a wider audience, we can look into the possibilities of revenue sharing which could mean reducing the upfront development costs to you.
    • Monthly Payments The other option to reduce upfront costs is to spread the development costs over monthly payments. In this scenario, Quantum has the option to repackage and sell-on the solution to other companies. This allows us to provide a professional solution for you whilst reducing costs.
  • Consultancy Services
    • Data Transformation and Migration If you require data to be transferred between different systems and\or transformed into a different format i.e. export a list of customers from Excel into Sage account package then we can help.
    • Solution Consultancy This service provides you with impartial advice on software solutions and technologies that you might be thinking of purchasing or commissioning. We can give you the pro and cons of a particular technology, advice on best practise and how to maximise ROI on technology.

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Industry Cloud

We have experience across a wide range of industries and below are just some the ones we have created systems for:

Shipping and Logistics. We have 10 years of experience in this industry and have developed solutions across a range of technologies such as Intranets, Extranets, desktop and web API.

Civil Enforcement. We have built a number of highly innovate solutions for this industry and have over 15 years experience.

Property Conveyancing. Clients have used our bespoke services to design and develop easy to use desktop applications that allow them to expand their services and bring in more business.

Banking and Finance. Quantum has many years of domain knowledge in this field and have built solutions for banking and pension companies.

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